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Right now, my family and I are heading to NY to see my grandma. It is her turn to transition on and it will be a challenge for me. Dementia has taken away her independence and voice…and I am heavy hearted about it. She is 89…

This summer, I will turn 40…another amazing transition! I have been looking forward to 40…excited about this next leg in my journey. I want to make my years on earth count…I want to shine the light within me to guide others to peace and wholeness. I can no longer do anything less…

So, as I drive along I-95, a road I have traveled many time over the past 22 years, I am thinking about my journey – the ups, downs, pauses and full stops. They are all molding and shaping my mind and heart…at times I allowed them to negatively frame my outlook and my life hurt because of it. But today, right now, I am envisioning a different path…one that will leave a legacy of hope, peace and wholeness for my grandchildren and the generations after them. I choose to that up that mantle and run towards the future!


Say a prayer for my family as we prepare for the next chapter in this life…one I knew would come, but is hard all the same.


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