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The Wellness Toolkit 

An attractive reminder to hold your wellbeing as Sacred. 

The Wellness Toolkit is a hand-made, custom gift for yourself or a loved one. 
This amazing gift comes in 3 distinct sizes based on the recipient:
Original: 5" x 7" x height box; Child: 3" x 5" x height box; Men: 2" x 4" x height box

Each Toolkit is created in one of two ways: Customer or Intuitive Guidance. You decide!
I can guarantee that when you unbox this beautiful package in the mail, you will know and FEEL the love, time and attention invested towards your wellbeing!


Original Wellness Toolkit


Life is pretty busy! Wouldn't you agree?

I mean, we have reminders to remind ourselves to remember! 😣

🔸️Read your affirmations
🔸️Journal your thoughts
🔸️Remember your worth

Well, I have placed all these tools within The Wellness Toolkit! This attractive reminder to hold your wellbeing as Sacred!


Young Girl Toolkit


Our young ladies need peace too!

When I first created a Toolkit for a young girl, I began to wonder...'What if I received affirmations and encouragement like this when I was a girl? How different would I be?

The reaction of the client and her mom lead me to continuously create Space for our young women to BE the best version of themselves!

The Wellness Toolkit for kids has her heart (and future) in mind!


Male Toolkit


What tools do you keep handy to assist your journey to inner peace in a chaotic world?

(And yelling at people is not considered a 'tool'!🙄)

Do you oftentimes feel unprepared for the world? For the consistent flow of comparison, competition and criticism?

🗣You need a Toolkit! I know I did!🗣

The Wellness Toolkit is an attractive reminder to hold your wellbeing as Sacred! No one else can do that for you!

The Wellness Toolkit: Toolkits & Pricing
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