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Time of Transformation

This has been a month of transformation for me. Embracing the change presented to me by allowing myself to expand, evolve, release, and explore the possibilities it promised.

What is transformation?

Transformation is defined as “a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance”. ‘Thorough or dramatic’ depicts action that is deep, penetrating, and intentional. To truly transform, you must take deep, penetrating, and intentional steps towards your desired experience. But what does that look like?

In my own life, transformation has been attached to a decision. A decision that was a non-negotiable for my path forward to peace, love, and ease. A decision to stop something, to begin something or to try something new. The transformation required me to embrace the unknown possibility of the decision – and that is a scary place to willingly go.

But all transformation is founded on the unknown. While we may know that a change MUST happen to feel better in life, the outcome is a mystery. This is another chance to choose a shift our perspective from Fear to Trust.

We are always provided with a chance to choose another way to be, do and think:

Choose to think differently.

Choose to love fully and unconditionally.

Choose to live unapologetically.

Choose to be MORE than you have ever thought possible.

All this transformation has begun for me this month and I’m excited to explore this mystery of “What’s next?”

What’s next for you? Do you know where to begin? I offer one recommendation on how to begin – check this link below! It’s a quick read, but shares more about my path to peace and how you can do the same!

Until next time…

Peace and Blessings always!

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