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My 2017 Word…

My life has drastically changed over the past 4 months. My consciousness has been expanded and enlarged to see farther than I can look. I have taken up residence in the realm of possibility. My mental DNA has evolved past my familial limiting beliefs. I am a new creature. I am experiencing life through new eyes, ears and power. And as with all newborns, we crave exposure to new people, scents, places and cultures.


Oxford Dictionaries define this word in 3 ways, but for my purposes, I will focus on these two:

the state of being exposed to contact with something:

the revelation of an identity or fact, especially one that is concealed or likely to arouse disapproval

I made a conscious decision to expose my life to the possible ridicule and criticism of others. For months, I allowed the opinion of a few to impact my reach to many. I wanted to cradle and cuddle with my new found passion as a mother with a newborn baby. And it felt good…it was safe. Therein was the danger and potential trap for my future.


Growth is impossible to maintain in isolation. We need people to develop our skills, talents and abilities. We thrive in relationships because we were created for the connection. Exposure and Relationship are interconnected and for years, I wanted to deny this truth. Until recently, I wanted to be successful without telling anyone about it. I wanted the support of many without saying a word. I see now that I was being selfish and self-centered. Those actions were not from a place of love and healing. Instead, I was operating from a place of fear and self-preservation.

My heart and mind have been elevated to a level of connection that understands that although time alone with myself and God are my foundation, I must get up off my knees and do the work He has given me to do!

I am a storyteller with healing in my words and in my hands!

There are so  MANY in our world today crying out for reassurance that goodness, peace and prosperity are possible for them. Connecting my life to theirs is the exposure necessary for success and growth – for their life and mine.


So, what about you? Have you been avoiding exposure as a nocturnal creature avoids the sunlight? Are you shying away from the divinely established platform God has been trying to give you? Re-assess your intentions for your life and your family. Then ask yourself, “To what end am I doing these things? For whom is this all for? And then…



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