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The New Normal – The Virtual Workspace

What is a workspace?

A Space in which to work

A workspace is simply defined as a place in which to work. And with that simple definition, we can clear away the excess in our atmosphere to be more effective as we create and work. In this new normal of remote working and virtual meetings, our virtual workspace becomes very important. But, how do we do it?

How do we adjust from working face-to-face with our coworkers and clients to now connecting via a small scene or phone call?

For some people, it’s really a seamless process because they are comfortable with technology and familiar with social media platforms for interacting with others. I’m one of those people! But there is a large number of people who are not tech savvy nor are they aware of the ways of the virtual world.

Mompreneur, you need to do 2 things right now:

  1. Decide where you fall in that spectrum

  2. Begin to Elevate your inner and outer online presence

I want to share some simple practical tips you can begin TODAY to elevate your outer online presence. Towards the end of this blog, we will discuss the inner presence and how to elevate from within when the word is chaotic.

Let’s begin!

Tip #1: Lighting

Lighting placement

Mompreneur, My first tip for Virtual meetings and conferences is – LIGHTING!

In front of you ALWAYS, never behind! Look at how much of a difference the location of the light source makes!!

Level up your light game!😂

Tip #2: Camera Level

Never look down into the camera.

Nose to lens always!

Camera placement matters!

Some of us are sending a message we don’t want to send! And today, I wanted to share a quick tip that will change the game.

NEVER look down into your camera when facilitating a meeting or call. It makes you look physically bigger than you are and it can be intimidating for some.

ALWAYS keep the camera level with your NOSE. Bringing the lens up changes the entire look and impact of your message.

Try it for yourself!

Tip #3: Seating

Comfortable, stationary seating

Depending on how long your conference or meeting will take, use seating that helps you feel supported. A cushioned seat with back support is an excellent option, but if you do not have this available, select a location that you can comfortably sit for at least 30 minutes without a lot of distraction and fidgeting. Also, do your best not to swing back and forth during your meetings – that can be very distracting when it’s not intentional.

Tip #4: Worksurface

Keep it clear and relevant!

When you are logging into your meeting or conference, make sure that your workspace is CLEAR of unnecessary items and RELEVANT to the specific meeting.

If you know you will be taking notes, have a notebook, pen or your laptop ready with enough space to function.

If you will need room to read from a book, have that area clear of items not required for your session.

Sometimes, we keep items around us that we MAY need while working (stapler, pens, extra notebooks, etc.)

To avoid accidental falls, noises and shuffling, just remove these items during your meeting or conference and put them back afterwards!

A clear desk space helps with clearing your thoughts too!

If you haven’t downloaded your free Checklist, head over to my bio for the full list!

Tip #5: Décor

A bed is NOT a professional background.

Design your background to reflect you!

Here’s another tip – Background Matters!

For professional and corporate meetings and conferences, please PLEASE do not set up your camera with a bed showing in the background!

That is not the message you want to convey. A bedroom is a space of rest and sex! Not business!😂

So, unless that IS your profession, find a place that has organized artwork, a bookshelf or even a blank wall.

It’s all about presentation and decreasing distraction!

Tip #6: Sound

Find a quiet place and mute the noise.

I know you’re home with family, kids and pets…finding a quiet place to meet or talk can be a challenge. Help your family give you space by letting them know the times for your meetings and designating a space in the home for your workspace. In addition to sound originating IN your home, you need to consider he sounds OUTSIDE your home as well. Do you live near a busy road? Are kids playing outside? Is there construction happening? Will the landscapers visit conflict with your scheduled call. All of these circumstances need to be planned for and planned around prior to your meeting. By doing so, you will greatly diminish the opportunity of you to become frustrated and distracted during your workday.

Designing for Inner Peace

Now that you have the practical tips covered for your outer online presence, let’s dive into your inner presence – your mindset and thoughts.

For many, this shift to virtual working and connecting is hard – just plain hard! When you gain energy from being around other people, this quarantine lifestyle can cause depression and anxiety. And when it comes to working remotely, it can be even harder! Not only are you not physically connected to people, but your home – your safe place away from the outside world – has now become your office!

Lots of dramatic changes indeed!

Is inner peace even possible while managing this worldwide pandemic, family and working from home?


Tip #1: Decide that YOU deserve this!

My heart and passion is for Mompreneurs – mothers who are building a lasting legacy through entrepreneurship. What I know most about these ladies – including myself – is that we do not take enough time to love and care for ourselves. We hold up our children, family and business above ourselves in this false sense of duty, but really ladies, we are not serving them well if we are depleted.

Even as you work, make time for yourself!

Decided that YOU deserve to take intentional time for yourself to replenish, reconnect and refocus on WHO you are, WHY you are and WHOSE you are.

Tip #2: Create Space for Peace!

It’s very challenging to experience inner peace when you are surrounded by outer chaos. Create a set aside space just for you to sit, pray, meditate, read or just be silent for 5 minutes each day. Give your mind an intentional break from the concerns of the world around you. I have several examples of this on my website and social media pages! Learn more here:

Creating space doesn’t require much!

You now have a sturdy foundation upon which to create a peaceful, productive and beautiful Virtual Workspace! I look forward to hearing how you implemented these tips and how it’s helping you, so please, tag me on social media (@atmospheresofwellness) with your virtual workspaces and wellness spaces!

This is our new normal…let’s be prepared, prosperous and PEACEFUL!

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