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Surrendering to Peace

Surrender is not weak.

Surrender is not passive.

Surrender takes strength.

Surrender takes intentional action.

Surrender takes courage.

Surrender requires trust in the unseen momentum of your Highest good.

Surrender your desires to God, but NEVER surrender your peace to man.

Surrendering your peace should never be an option, but surrendering TO peace is the daily choice.

You will hear this echoed in every message I share with the world – Your Peace is a Choice and NEVER surrender your Peace! But, you should surrender TO peace. What does that mean?

When you are scrolling through your feed and come across sentiments that spew hate towards another, surrender TO peace: choose to allow those words to pass by you rather than internalizing them and starting a debate.

When you are disappointed by the actions of a loved one yet again, surrender TO peace: recognize that everyone is on their own path of self-discovery and awareness and you must give them grace as they travel. Remember…you were once given grace as well!

I feel so strongly about this because the circumstances inundating our lives today will attempt to convince you that a life of peace is impossible and chaos is to be embraced and expected.

I don’t believe that at all…

Every person on this planet is making choices moment by moment…

choices to love.

choices to hate.

choices to ignore others.

choices to embrace others.

choices to be happy.

choices to blame others for your unhappiness.


They are in every thought, every look, every consideration…

And no one has the power to believe and take action on these choices except YOU.

So, choose PEACE!

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