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Keep Moving

Emotions are very high tonight. Our nation is transitioning and for some, this is a time of rejoicing and expectation. For others, this is a time of sadness, regret and fear. No matter what side of the theoretical fence you reside, the reality is this – you must keep moving!

There are times when life is flowing according to our expectations. This level of ease and comfort make it very easy to move forward with your dreams, desires and goals. But, then there are times when if is not fair and you see little hope for your future. As painful and disheartening as this condition feels, your response must not change – keep moving!

Be Great!

We are not going to get our way every moment of every day. This world does not revolve around a person! But, we can discover our own personal mission and do the work of manifesting the most magnificant, creative and abundant life possible…and it IS possible!

We are responsible, at the end of the day, for our actions, thoughts and words. No one has control over those things outside of ourselves (unless we give over our power to choose). God has provided us with the freedom of choice (free will). Each moment of our life is presented with a choice – EACH MOMENT! What will you choose?

Despite what you see around you on social media, in your neighborhood, workplace or on the evening news, YOU HAVE THE POWER to choose what goes into your heart and mind. As you journey through your daily life, choose what information and emotions you allow into them. It can drastically impact the energy of your day and the course of your life!


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