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Just ask…

This week, I asked for something very specific. I asked God to allow me to encourage, love and help someone everyday…to be a connection point between them and Him. Each day, I asked to be positioned to be a blessing and it happened! I was given opportunities to speak words of encouragement, plant seeds of hope and shed light where darkness once covered. It filled my tank and allowed me to rest each night knowing that I made a difference in someone’s life.


Being granted the chance to be in this position showed me that if I desire something, all I need to do are three simple things: ask, believe and go.



Growing up, I was not big on asking for what I wanted/needed. I saw asking as a burden and a bother. I preferred to assume others knew what I wanted and would just give it to me. I didn’t want it known that I needed anything. How absurd is that! But, how many of us are still doing that very thing? How many times have you desperately needed help and you chose to suffer in the shadows because stepping into the light was too risky. The biggest lesson I ever learned in my adult years is this: Embrace vulnerability! It is not a sign of weakness. It is not naivety. It is not emotionally irresponsible. Embracing vulnerability is a sign of strength, maturity and wisdom. It is the key to asking because it requires trust. When I pray to God and ask for the opportunity to be a blessing in someone’s life, I am trusting that God knows my capacity to share and give love to another and that my heart will be safe in this situation. In order to ask for what you desire, you must trust the one you are asking.



Once you ask for a thing, do you immediately think, “Well, let’s see if this will work.”? If you do, you should probably stop expecting to get what you asked for. Asking is an act of faith. Faith and doubt cannot occupy the same space – one will cancel out the other. This week, when I asked to be a blessing, I did not doubt the possibility. I did not question my worthiness of receiving this blessing. I believed immediately and thanked God for it in advance! What do you need to believe for in your life? What have you asked and are now doubting? Explore that area and renew your commitment to your ‘ask’.



For me, this is the step that tells the most about your level of belief. You can go and do the good you desire to do when you believe it is possible. Stepping out and remaining open to receiving your ‘ask’ brings me so much joy! The confidence that rises from going forward in faith will impact every other area of your life. Asking and believing without action is ineffective and a sign of doubt. For years, I would ask, believe it was possible and do nothing! I just waited for something to happen and most of the time, nothing did. Now, I fully understand that my ability to receive what I have asked for is connected to my willingness to step out there and do something!


Are you willing to be vulnerable enough to ask for what you desire, believe you will receive it and then go step out in faith towards that thing?

Just ask…

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