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It Goes A Long Way…

Appreciation is a currency many fail to recognize. When you appreciate an employee, child or public servant, there is an invisible exchange that can far outweigh any financial compensation.

Appreciation impacts the soul of a person. It compels them to sow more, care deeper and serve selflessly. The seed of appreciation will multiply into a harvest of faithful commitment and loyalty. But, there is a character trait that must be present in the heart of the sower. The sower of this seed must be humble, sincere and respectful. Self-serving appreciation will quickly be rejected by the receiver because it offends the soul and assaults the mind.

Our words are powerful! A word sown in love can dramatically shift the atmosphere in any environment. Appreciation seeds are “Thank you for all you do!”, Or “Having you on our team makes all the difference!” Simple, yet profound gestures that tap a person on the emotional shoulder and declare, ” I see you. And you matter!”

So, where can you sow some seeds of appreciation today? I would encourage you to start by looking in the mirror! We are so outward focused that we rarely pause long enough to show love and appreciation to ourselves! Pause right now and find a mirror. Look intently into your own eyes… Don’t look away! Now, say these words, “I see you and you matter!” And smile!

You are appreciated!!

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