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Hunger…or Habit?

I decided to head home for lunch today. As I plan for my upcoming year, I am eating at home more rather than spending unnecessarily at restaurants. I made my meal, ate it slowly and reviewed my social media accounts – typical process for me lately. Looking at the clock, I begin to gather my things and head out the door.

Driving down the street, thoughts of Starbucks popped into my mind. ” I would love something sweet right now!”

Doughnut in Danger

Wait, WHAT??

I literally just finished an entire meal no more than 5 minutes ago. Could I possibly be hungry again? And if so, why am I specifically craving a pastry?? Then it hit me and I stated out loud, ” You’re not hungry! You have a HABIT!”

(I really enjoyed the Hunger Games! No relation to food, but it was great to me!)

But, I had to tell myself that what I was experiencing was not real! Yes, it felt very real but it was all in my mind. My body had zero need for sustenance at that time. I did, however, have an emotions need that I was seeking to fill.


Can you relate? Do you eat to think a problem through? Do you eat to reward a ‘job well done”? Do you eat to forget your problems and challenges? Notice that none of these reasons relate to food hunger. The connecting thread is an emotional gap that requires fulfillment.


Challenge your sudden desires for food. Are you truly hungry or simply satisfying a habit? You physical and emotional wellbeing are worth protecting from habits that no longer serve you. Doing the work of self-worth, value and purpose will greatly increase your capacity for love, joy and peace. I am so thankful for this discipline. I now have an intention for my eating and a boundary to protect my truest, deepest desires.


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