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Do You Want to Be Well – Excuses…

Let’s continue our talk on the topic, “Do you want to be well?” Last post, we touched on the condition in which the Messiah found a lame man at the Pool of Bethesda and the compassion He showed as He asked, “Do you want to be well?” Now, here is the response:

“Sir,” the invalid replied, “I have no one to help me into the pool when the water is stirred. While I am trying to get in, someone else goes down ahead of me.” – John 5: 7


Have you ever listened to someone that only complains about what others will or will not do for them? Or have you had a conversation with a person who does not see their own faults, yet can clearly define the faults of others? How do you feel about  this person? I often think of this verse when I am in the midst of those who can only see what they do not have. Although I understand the human limits of our natural vision, we must see farther than that! We must yearn to see the truth beyond our natural reality.


Sometimes, I believe we lack faith because we don’t know our worth. Think about it…

The Messiah sees your condition and knows the pain of your journey. He comes to you specifically and directly asks you a simple question. You do not answer the question, but instead you complain about not having help to get healing.

You were offered healing…

Yet, you rejected the invitation to be healed.

Doesn’t that sound silly? Who would ever do that?! Do any of these scenarios sound familiar:

Have you ever purchased exercise equipment only to never use it more than once?

Have you ever registered for a training course to further your business only to cancel it days before because the travel is too inconvenient?

Have you ever purchased vitamins and supplements that would support your health journey yet never actually taken them?

These are all examples of ways you were offered healing, yet rejected the invitation to receive the actually healing. You wanted it, but didn’t desire it. Wanting does not require commitment or responsibility…it is very close to wishing. But desire! That is a totally different thing. Desire is ignited when you have accepted the truth that IT IS POSSIBLE and then take action to acquire it. The lame man only wanted to be healed before Messiah came into his life…it was just a wish with no real possibility of possession.


As I continue to study these scriptures, I realized that one very important shift occurred. This man initially heard ‘a man’ asking a basic question. He did not realize WHO this man was and the authority He possessed. Once that connection was made, he did not hesitate to believe that his deepest desire was possible! He acted and believed and WALKED!

Excuses are directly tied to your level of belief. They are fueled by a deep seated doubt within your heart that only God can expose, remove and replace with power and purpose. Take some time today to think back on areas in your life where you make excuses for not believing. You know exactly what I am talking about! Now, what is one thing can you do right now to believe that it is possible and WALK towards it?

I will back back next week to discuss the next phase in the wellness journey – TAKE POSITIVE ACTION.

Until next time….

Live WELL!

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