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Daily Prompt: Vigor

When I think of the word vigor, I instantly think of competitive sports. The passion, commitment and drive of athletes to push their bodies to the limits of their personal strength amazes me! I think of the Ironman competition and sprinters. The power and drive exhibited in their sports is undeniable!

Oxford Dictionaries defines vigor as:

  1. physical strength and good health

We can all agree that physical strength and good health are prerequisites to engaging in vigorous activity. But what about mental and spiritual vigor? I personally believe that having strength and good health in these areas are even more important in sports and in life.


Athletes do the same things every day on a consistent basis in order to compete at a level of excellence.

What do you focus on daily and consistently?

What does your self-talk sound like?

What do you believe about yourself? About others?

Are they thoughts that bring health, healing and wellness or lack, stress and fear?

Physical attributes of vigor are great and will gain you many accolades and awards, but, what about your mental and spiritual attributes of vigor? What would they say about you? What steps can you take today to gain strength and good health?


It all begins with a choice to change!

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