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Daily Prompt: Vanish

“I will attempt to make this coin vanish into thin air!” When we hear this word, our minds are taken to the images of magicians and magic tricks. To people who can manipulate our vision to see what is not there or to believe in something that is not visually possible.


This word seems pretty straight forward in terms of its definition, but, I enjoy exploring the word at a deeper level, so let’s see where it takes us!

Oxford Dictionaries define “vanish” as:

disappear suddenly and completely

I have a question for you: What do you see when you look into the mirror?

Your hair?

Your eyes?

Your acne?

Your crooked nose?

Do you see your beauty or your flaws?

For most people, their initial vision is not beauty, but their flaws. ‘Things’ that need to be corrected and/or eliminated in order for true beauty to exist. All of their existing beauty has vanished from their eyes and mind – it has disappeared completely! They cannot see it physically because their minds have convinced them that beauty does not exist there…isn’t that sad! I must admit that for most of my life, I have lived with that type of blindness. Despite what others have told me or what was right before my eyes, beauty did not exist as far as I was concerned…and I lived as such. I saw myself as less valuable and powerful than I truly was. My true self vanished from my consciousness…


Challenge yourself today – get in front of a mirror and look at your reflection. What do you see? Now, look into the eyes of your reflection…what do you ‘see’ now? Your true self has not vanished from sight – you have just refused to accept your reflection as perfect and needed. I believe you are here for a reason and that reason is waiting on YOU to accept it.

Choose YOU today!

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