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Daily Prompt: Scorched

As I sit at my desk, the word that comes to mind is far from our Daily Prompt. It is 35 degrees in Maryland and my warm cup of coffee truly kept me warm as I walked into the office. So, to see a word that creates images are warm, glowing ember is welcomed! But this word contains a more damaging element. Let’s explore it!

Scorched is defined, according to Oxford Dictionaries, as:

burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat

(of the heat of the sun) cause (vegetation or a place) to become dried out and lifeless

These images create a feeling of loss and destruction that can send a chill down your spine. The dual power of fire to both warm and destroy are evident. What causes that shift in power? What can turn a flame that can comfort into a flame that can eliminate life?

Lack of Balance


We have all heard the saying, “Too much of a good thing is bad for you.” That saying is not just talking about excess of material items like food, clothing and money. Many of us have an imbalanced heart and mind. We focus too much on what we do not have rather than reflect on what we do. We think on what this country is lacking rather than the possibilities for what it can change.  We focus on how much our neighbor has rather that the blessings right under our roofs. This imbalanced thinking scorches our vision…it causes us to see a reality that is not accurate. A reality that has been impacted by our lifeless thoughts and burned out dreams. We have allowed the belief in our apparent lack to eliminate all hope from our hearts…and what is left is a scorched wasteland of unfulfilled purpose.

Our thoughts create our reality. Circumstances may lack at times, but that is a temporary condition if we decide it is. If we choose to step back, adjust our focus and balance our thinking. With these steps, we can extinguish the scorching fire our of thoughts and create a beautiful landscape of hope, peace and possibility.


What scorching thoughts are threatening your garden of life? Choose to extinguish them today with thoughts of love, hope and wholeness.

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