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Daily Prompt: Relax

Today’s Daily Prompt came just in time! This week, millions of people are working themselves into a state of anxious frustration due to holiday activities, expectations and schedules. This word is a clarion call to all of those people! Take 30 seconds right now and breathe deeply…4 seconds inhale…hold…now, 4 seconds exhale.


Oxford Dictionaries define ‘relax’ as to:

make or become less tense or anxious

Relaxing is a choice. Our external circumstances are only capable of impacting our choice unless we allow them to. We can choose to see the distraction and breathe through it…just breathe. The anxious feeling, stressful circumstance or congested shopping mall are all temporary. They will pass! But, your emotional wellbeing, family and friends are permanent and more important. Cultivate a mindset of peace and relaxation will be your state of mind and lifestyle. You will be capable of finding peace in the midst of a storm.


There is something powerful and magnetic about a person who is immovable in the midst of chaos. Peace is their lifestyle even though life is not peaceful. Joy is their response even when life is painful. These people are able to ‘see’ farther than they can ‘look’.  And it started by the simply decision to choose to trust the process and relax.


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