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Daily Prompt: Percolate

This word brings many different thoughts to mind – coffee and dancing are the most prominent for me! Being a 90’s teenager, I remember a song that played often in New York where I grew up. If you were a teenager around that time, you know what I am talking about! And the lovely warmth of a cup of coffee on a cold fall or winter morning in my hands is the other image. Both brought smiles to me face and a pep in my energy – Thank you WordPress!

But now, let’s go deeper! Follow me…

Percolate is defined as a verb in 3 ways (Oxford Dictionaries):

(of a liquid or gas) filter gradually through a porous surface or substance,


(of information or an idea or feeling) spread gradually through an area or group of people,


be or become full of lively activity or excitement


Each of these definitions evoke images of action, movement and energy flow. The word has impact on its environment and changes the atmosphere – it transfers from one thing to the next. From one person to the next person. From one location to the next location. This energy flow can be a flow of positive, productive, fruitful activity – which is what I am showing above. This energy flow can also be negative, destructive and burdensome as well.

Once again, it is a daily choice what energy you will percolate into your atmosphere. What type of vessel are you? What energy are you percolating today? I chose to be a powerful percolating vessel of light, joy, excitement and expectation of all that is good! What about you!

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