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Daily Prompt: Mythical

The word ‘mythical’ creates fantastic images in the mind. It expands your vision to creatures, places and experiences that seem too incredible to exist. You imagine the creative genius displayed in Disney movies or in Marvel comics that transports you to dimensions unknown to man. It is a very exciting word!

Let’s explore this word a bit deeper…

Mythical is defined as:

  1. occurring in or characteristic of myths or folk tales

  2. idealized, especially with reference to the past

  3. fictitious

I have a dear friend who absolutely adores unicorns! I believe she would have a unicorn if they were not a mythical creature. I can understand her love of the image of a unicorn…they look so peaceful, majestic and regal. Yet, we ‘know’ that they are not real.


Personally, I absolutely adore the concept and imagery of Wonder Woman! I dreamed of being her as a young girl – deflective bangles and all! You could NOT convince me that I was not driving in my invisible jet while sitting on the sofa… nope!


Our imaginations are a gift from our Creator. It takes us up out of the limitations of our human existence to a place without bounds. It gives us space to believe in the seemingly impossible. To believe that we can be more than what we see. That we can have more than what we currently possess. The ideals carry us through some challenging seasons of life. I also believe that they are glimpses into what is actually possible for our lives. Not every myth is fictitious. The concept originated from some point of truth… some point of belief.

Have you ever thought about some of the myths we learned as children? Where did the concept of the gods in Greek mythology come from? Where did the concept of Santa Claus start? Each of these ‘myths’ originated from some person’s experience in their lifetime. Through oral tradition, words were added or deleted; attributes were embellished or removed completely. But at the beginning, the myth was very real to the originator of the account. Consider this – maybe they had a painful experience and the image of this person pulled them out of that pain momentarily? Maybe imagining an unknown creature empowered them to believe that life was more than what they saw with their own 2 eyes? Or maybe…when you imagine the life that you desire to live and you see yourself being that person right now, it increases your faith in the POSSIBLE and encourages you to keep doing the good in your heart?


Close your eyes and imagine the impossible for your life…then pause for a moment and consider, “What if this really IS possible?”


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