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Daily Prompt: Filthy

What a word! As is my custom, let’s look at the definition (Oxford Dictionaries):

  1. disgusting dirt

  2. obscene and offensive language or printed material.

  3. used as a term of abuse for a person or people one greatly despises

  4. corrupt behavior; decadence

I am looking at these definitions and I am searching for the good in it. Isn’t that how we should navigate our daily interactions and conversations – What good can I pull from this?

Follow me for a moment…


What emotions come to the surface when you see this image? I know as  a mom, I feel disgusted, frustrated and disappointed if this was my son’s room! As a woman who values cleanliness and order, this is chaotic image. But then…if I allow my emotional expectations to take a seat, I begin to see something different. I see OPPORTUNITY!


A person with a filthy mind has an opportunity to choose purity.

A family with a filthy home has an opportunity to choose order.

A business with a filthy reputation has an opportunity to choose honor.

We can choose to see and seize the opportunity or we can choose to  see the filth and:

  1. accept it (Hey, this is who I am!)

  2. ignore it (What filth? I don’t see it)

  3. condemn it ( How could I do this to myself? I am such a loser!)

  4. defend it ( Don’t judge me! You have no idea what I have been through!)

There is an element of filth in everyone’s life…what opportunity will you choose to see in it?

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