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Daily Prompt: Elicit

Recently, I have realized that I am very sensitive to manipulation. The very concept of being manipulated by another infuriates me! I feel like this image…


And I am not sure where it all begun – maybe a childhood memory of my choice being taken from me only to be ‘convinced’ that another option would be better? Or maybe I simply reject the action of taking advantage of another person’s emotions. But one of the definitions of today’s word gave me a different sentiment…let’s explore!

Oxford Dictionaries defines elicit as:

evoke or draw out (a response, answer, or fact) from someone in reaction to one’s own actions or questions

Do you realize that when you elicit a response from another person, it is a form of manipulation? Think about it – you have a certain belief that you hold true and you desire for others to believe this as well. When having a conversation with a friend, you elicit a response from them that lines up with your belief through the use of certain words, phrases, images and stories… similar to a potter manipulating clay. The potter has a vision in mind and the intention is to create what they see.

Potter Crafting Pot on Potter's Wheel

You have a definite intention when you elicit another person and many times, it can come from a self-centered source rather than an other-centered source. When you speak with another person, what is your intention? What do you want to happen as a result of your interaction? Asking these questions can help you expose the true position of your heart and mind towards others.


Our thoughts impact our words…

Our words impact our actions…

Our actions impact our world.

And when we impact our world, we impact everyone in it! All we need to do is turn on the television to see how our world has changed as a result of a thought that gave birth to actions that elicit fear, hate and hopelessness. One person had a thought that went unfiltered and that created a reality that is very painful to watch.


We have also seen examples of the results of thoughts that produced words of hope, love and unity. Random acts of kindness to a homeless veteran, a generous tip given to a well-deserving restaurant worker. If you tune your eyes and ears to love, you can see love responses elicited in daily interactions among everyday people.

So what will you do today? Elicit emotions from a place of control and fear…which will only create more of the same.

Or, will you choose to elicit love responses through your right thoughts, words and actions?


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