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Daily Prompt: Anticipation

Are we there yet? Can I open this? Have they arrived yet? Is it time? Is it time?!


This is the season of anticipation! It is everywhere you look. Television commercials, radio stations, department stores…EVERYWHERE! People are getting ready for the next fun thing and it can be very energizing to experience. Let’s take a look at the definition…

Oxford Dictionaries define anticipation as:

  1. the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction

The painting above shows the typical stance of anticipation – anxiously waiting to receive. We are waiting for things to be received and given that we are expecting . Many times, these things are physical and tangible. Gifts, people, trips…all fun, amazing things.


Are you anticipating the realization of your purpose? Are you excited about who you are and who you are becoming? Are you expectant of your dreams, talents and skills to be fully developed? Each day, do you sit and visualize what is possible for your life and believe it? And when you see it, does it prompt you to action? To take steps to receive? Most anticipate things to receive and just wait for it to come to them. I am challenging you to anticipate your dreams and GO GET THEM!


Anticipation is prepared action…present action. You anticipate prepared the move on it! Make a decision to take a step towards your object of anticipation. What will you do today?


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