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Are you using your TOOLS?

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No matter what situation you find yourself experiencing in life, there is a tool required to successfully overcome it. And the unfortunate thing is that many people get in the thick of the situation and realize that they have no idea how to use the tools available to them.

A tool is defined as “a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function”. Doctors have tools. Lawyers have tools. Architects have tools. Builders have tools. Writers have tools. Artists have tools. Everyone who creates in this world has TOOLS. And that includes YOU!

What would happen if a doctor had the instruments available to sew up your wound, yet had no idea how to use it? That is what many of us look like in the spiritual realm. God has provided us with every possible resource to live a prosperous and abundant life. We pray and ask for His help and when it provides it, we do nothing with it. Why is that? Well, here are a few that I have come to understand:

We don’t know what a tool is

We don’t know we have them

We don’t believe in them

Let’s unpack each one of these…


When we look at a hammer, we know that it is used to hit something else with. When we look at a ruler, we know that it is used to measure distance with. But, let’s consider for a moment that you didn’t know these basic things. What if you used the hammer to cook with, or used the ruler as an instrument? Is it possible to use these tools for these purposes? Yes. Is this the correct, intended use? No. Will the benefits be the same? No. The same is true for the spiritual tools provided for us by God. The tools of our spoken word, our faith, and the power in our beliefs.

Our spoken word has the ability to create. We are made in God’s image and He created EVERYTHING with the spoken word. And if we are unaware that our words create our reality, we will mindlessly speak words that we do not really want to manifest – “I can’t handle this!” or “I wish everyone would leave me alone!”. Consciously, we know this is not what we want, but the subconscious mind has NO sense of humor and will take this repetitive statement as fact. The misuse of this valuable tool will yield results that touch every area of your life.


Have you ever met someone who was a billionaire and didn’t know it? They are living a regular life, doing regular things with regular people. They expect regular things to happen in their lives and don’t really expect much from themselves and others. Then, one day, the message is delivered that they are actually wealthy and all their funds have been in an account awaiting their authorization to release it! Can you image that? Everything you could POSSIBILITY need has always been available to you yet, you did not know you had access. Well, that is the majority of the people walking on the Earth. One thing you MUST understand – there is NO LACK with God. If you are living a life in alignment with His will, you have NO lack. I understand that the natural world around you may say something different, but that is not the truth. The truth is this world is abundant and we need only ask and believe to receive what we desire. But, when we have not done the work to discover these truths, we walk through this life as a unaware billionaire.


I believe that this position is the worst of them all. Ignorance can be shifted with revelation and reception of truth. There is very little to be done with rejection of truth when it is rooted in hurt and lack of understanding. You may hear many people proclaim, “It’s not that deep! You don’t need to do all of that.” Many people do not believe that the actions they take and the words they speak have lasting impact on the world around them – including family and friends. They accept a belief that their actions only impact themselves and no one should care what they do. They see no connection between themselves and their neighbor and they end up missing out on the beauty of connection. When a door is closed, you should not force it open – especially when it has been closed on purpose. Forcing open a closed-door damages not only the door, but the thing used to force it open! Leave the information at the door and believe that one day, they will open it and let the information in.

So as you are walking out your journey in life, figure out what tools you need in order to live the life you desire. It does not just ‘happen’…there is WORK to be done once you have activated your FAITH to BELIEVE it is POSSIBLE!

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