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There is a movement brewing across the nation…a movement of empowerment…a movement of faith! Those who are hearing the call are being encouraged to JUMP! Jump into your destiny and your purpose. Jump into the unknown with confidence and faith that all that is ear-marked for you will be available for your success. Jump…

Tonight, as I sit in front of my laptop tying this blog, I am intentionally jumping.

It is time…


I have been sitting with my legs dangling off the edge of this cliff for far too many years…calculating, strategizing, ‘what-ifing’ myself into complacency and poverty.

It is time…

2016 has been a year of growth, stretching, re-birth, and death. And I am thankful for each moment I experienced. I am thankful for the hard knocks that triggered a switch in my wiring. I am thankful for the hunger it created. I now hunger for POSSIBILITY. I now hunger for LEGACY. I now hunger for LOVE! I possess a burning desire to heal those I come in contact with each day. A burning desire to bring peace, calm and tranquility to every atmosphere I enter. A burning desire to be the one who restores what has been devastated.

It is time! And I AM ready, are you?

Journey with me!

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