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Daily Prompt: Construct

Our perception shapes our reality. What we believe to be true and real IS. The mind is a powerful, creative tool in the design of our experiences. What we believe on a subconscious level, we create – whether we intend to do it or not. Let’s explore the definition of ‘construct’ from the non-building design position:

Oxford Dictionaries define construct as:

  1. an idea or theory containing various conceptual elements, typically one considered to be subjective and not based on empirical evidence

Many of our thoughts are a compilation of words spoken to us and over us as we journey through life. As children, we accepted these words as true and real without question. We trusted in the adults in our lives and internalized every word, action and belief directed towards us…and those words created our world. More specifically, our perception of the world. The answer to the question, “Who am I?” was deposited and immediately accepted which created the construct of our existence. We did not take the time to process what was being said, nor did we question its origin. As a result, our vision was filtered through that construct and projected an image that we accepted as real. But is it real? Or have we simply decided that it is real?


Words are seeds. Seeds produce fruit. Fruit recreate from the seed within.

As you may have noticed, I am fascinated by words and I respect them to the utmost. A carelessly deposited word can have impact for generations! Do you understand how powerful that is? There are people groups who have accepted an identity based on the words spoken centuries ago! There are children who believe they are mistakes based on the careless words of others. There are companies who hang their success on the words of consumers every day. Construct validity has shaped their experiences and beliefs.



With a shift in perspective, these psychological constructs can be uprooted and destroyed – completely changed!


There was a time in my life where I absolutely REJECTED the construct of being a successful business woman. It was not a real possibility in my mind or heart. This belief was based on words spoken over me regarding my abilities to be strong, focused or competent. It was so real to me that I began to speak these words about myself, not fully understanding why. BUT NOW, I cancelled that construct and have changed my perspective. I know see the possibilities in life and the capabilities that were always within me. My perception, based on new words which I have spoken and accepted as truth, has shifted and created a new construct – one that sees possibility and not impossibility.


My current construct is seeped in possibility! And I intentionally accept this as truth. I set my filter to abundance, good and love and life has been amazing ever since!

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